Thursday, March 28, 2013


Fold the top of the slipper in half, the side you want against your foot on the outside. The two long strips at the top should be in contact with each other.  It should look like this:

Sew ONLY THE TOPS of the strips at the end together. Use a really  long thread, for ease of attaching the sole later. This is the seam in the heel. It should look like this on the wrong side:

And like this on the right side:

Pick up the sole and hold it against the completed top. the sides you want against your feet should be on the inside. Sew the top of the slipper to the sole, being careful not to sew the hole that your foot is supposed to go through.

When you're finished sewing it up, it should look like this on the inside:

and this when you flip it right side out:

It does look a bit fat and short at the moment, but it will take on a more conventional foot shape after being worn for a while, like so:

Repeat to complete the other side of the pair.